Sunset Overdrive Ships!

Today marks the release of my first game title as a technical artist with Microsoft studios. Insomniac Games and Microsoft released Sunset Overdrive exclusively on the XBox One today and the press has been very positive! IGN gave a 9/10, Joystiq 5/5, and Polygon a 9/10

I had the privilege to contribute to the development of the garment authoring tools and the initial exploration of the game’s non photo realistic rendering style. Over the course of many months, our Technical Artists and Art Directors at Microsoft partnered with the folks at Insomniac to explore a painterly rendering and texture style. Meanwhile, the more pipeline-oriented side of our team also focused on developing pipeline tools for quickly authoring garments of various sizes to fit the multiple body types featured in the game.

The game is a blast to play, go check it out!

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