Procedural Coral Reef

I have always been fascinated by tropical marine life, especially the various species found in tropical coral reefs. Over the past few years I have come across a handful of great algorithms and systems that kept reminding me of the way things like brain corals, fan corals, and sea anemones grow and move. I decided to start implementing these systems in Houdini in my free time. The images and links below show the work in progress results of this endeavor. This project is only a fraction of its way to completion, so please bear with me as I find the free time to update this post.

Some of the techniques utilized thus far:

  • Gray-Scott Reaction Diffusion
  • Space Colonization food consumption
  • Poisson Scattering (non-intersecting, variable radius point placement)
  • Dynamic wire solvers for simulation of ocean current

Work in Progress forum thread

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