Demo Reel 2009

Available in 720p, simply adjust the quality settings after clicking the play button. Please see below for the reel breakdown.

Reel Breakdown

0:12 – 0:38: Shader Demo

I modeled everything seen in the renders as well as created the shaders using 3D Studio Max and Mental Ray. The shaders were based off of both the default 3DS Max materials as well as the Mental Ray materials. The diffuse, bump, and specular maps for the tile material were created by me in Photoshop. I used photometric lights, an HDRI background map, soft shadows, depth of field, vignetting, and other features for the render. Render time (using the Mental Ray renderer): 50 hours on a 2.66 GHz Intel Q6600

0:39 – 1:32: Cargo truck, Vietnamese huts, vegetation, and helicopter

Everything seen in these renders was modeled and textured by me. Models were created in 3DS Max. The textures are a combination of hand drawn textures and photographs, created in Adobe Photoshop. All of these models and textures were created for the Call of Duty game modification Eve of Destruction and thus are low-polygon models meant for use in a real time video game environment.

1:33 – 1:46: Various models for video games

I modeled the Abrams tank in 3DS Max and the texture was created by the online alias Miles. (a member of the mod team that I was working on at the time). I modeled, textured, and rigged the model of Ronald McDonald and his car, which I call the Fry Mobile. I modeled and textured all of the weapons seen here. I drew these textures by hand (Wacom tablet) in Adobe Photoshop. All of these models and textures were made for the Call of Duty game modification Modern Warfare. I led this mod team for about two years during the early stages of high school.

1:48 – end: 3D Racing Game

I created this racing game as my final project for Harvard’s introductory computer science course during my first semester as a freshman. The game was programmed in C++ and uses DirectX 9.0c. I used Microsoft Visual Studio for the programming and created all of the models and textures in 3DS Max and Adobe Photoshop. I based the engine code off of Frank Luna’s book “3D Game Programming with DirectX”. The game features artificially intelligent opponents that race around the track, collisions between karts, height map terrain, skidding, and more.

I compiled the reel in iMovie 2009 and Sony Vegas Pro.